Support & FAQs

Who can join My Career Groove?

At this stage our focus is just on opportunities within Australia, across the following career categories:

  • Accounting
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Law
  • Technology

At My Career Groove, we cater for everyone from Graduates to Senior Talent open to new opportunities whether an internship, remote work, a contract, full-time, part-time, casual, or consulting.

As we grow, we will be adding new career categories (highly skilled talent and future jobs).

How much does My Career Groove cost?

As a Member, the service is FREE, so it does not cost you a dime. This includes free access to our career training resources and tools. At My Career Groove, our clients (Employers and Recruiters) will be paying for the service.

Why do you need my resume, or access to my LinkedIn Profile for verification?

We use your LinkedIn profile and resume to help verify your background, skills, employment history and qualifications, so we can improve matches on our platform. Only members that meet our career category and skills criteria will be approved. Once your profile is approved, we will send you an email so you can access our training resources and job search tools.

Why are some of my skills missing from your dropdown lists?

Our skill lists are based on the most popular skills advertised by recruiters and employers. If your skills are missing, simply add them to the missing skills field form on your profile.

If I become a Member, do you guarantee a job?

We would love to be able to provide a job guarantee – it would be a great marketing gimmick. The only problem was if we offered a job guarantee, we would have to use the asterisk * against our promotion, with small print exempting us from the guarantee. (If you have ever read the small print on skin ageing prevention products, you will understand why we don’t want to use this sort of questionable marketing tactic).

You see, we can’t guarantee a job, as so much of the job search and matching process is outside of our control. We simply cannot guarantee what we cannot control.

What we can guarantee, is that the career job search support, advice, tools and resources delivered, provides the practical hands-on techniques that are required for a successful job search, including the best job search strategies out there.

We also are working hard to create a platform that successfully supports you throughout your career.

At what point in my job search should I become a Member?

At My Career Groove, whether you are a passive job seeker (that is not really looking, but open to new opportunities), or an active job seeker (currently looking for new opportunities) then it is a great time to join as a Member. We have created a system so that no matter what stage in your career, we have you covered, so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

I’m not really serious about a new job, contract, or consulting gig - I’m just looking at what is about at the moment. Is this OK?

Absolutely! In fact, My Carer Groove was designed in such a way, that there is never an obligation to reveal your profile, so you have the luxury of sitting back and seeing what is available, without your details being revealed to employers or recruiters.

How can I get more matches?

As we grow our client base, the number of matches you get should increase over time. In the meantime, to help you with your job search, access our free resources, where we provide you with all the major tools and resources you need to secure a new job.

In terms of your profile, the major reason’s why you are not getting matched:

You have not selected sufficient skills. All initial matches are heavily reliant on the proven skills you possess. So for example: If you have .NET expertise, but you have not selected this skill, it is less likely that you will be shortlisted for an opportunity, where the employer requires this expertise. Matches can still happen, as it might not be a top skill priority for employers, but it’s much less likely.

Your minimum salary is too high. If you tell us your minimum salary requirement is $130,000 + and the employer has a budget of just $125,000, then you won’t be matched. Your salary requirements are NEVER revealed to an employer, as we don’t want you to give up your bargaining power. But if the majority of jobs are for positions less than what you want salary wise, you won’t be matched.

You have limited the preferred work location / preferred work type. Similar to the salary requirement above, if you only want a full-time job, based in Brisbane, then the only matches that will be made available to you will be full-time jobs based in Brisbane. If you want to widen the scope and opportunities that could be available, just adjust your location and work preferences.

You have misrepresented your skills and experience. Since a real human looks at your profile to ensure better matches, if it becomes apparent that you are misrepresenting your skills and experience, it is unlikely you will get any matches.

I am getting matches against jobs I don’t want. How can I stop this?

All initial matches are made based on your skills and experience. So for example, if you are an experienced Digital Marketer, but are looking for a job as a Project Manager, go back to your profile and make sure that your skills are based on what you want and have experience in. If you have skills that you are no longer interested in utilising, simply delete these skills and our algorithm will ensure your matches improve.

We don’t use job titles for the initial match, as going into the future, the job role title is less relevant than the skills you possess, which is going to make you employable. Plus a position title does not always accurately reflect a position and the responsibilities involved.

Will my employer/boss see my profile?

No. Initial matches are made on information that excludes all personal identity, including name, employment details, contact details and even the name of the University you attended. Your full profile will only become available, once you indicate that you are interested in the opportunity, so you have full and total control over who gets to see your profile. This ensures that your job search is totally confidential.

How safe is my data?

Your personal information is encrypted and highly secure. We also do not ask for any banking, taxation or financial details. In this way, you can be even more confident in the security of your information.

I thought this was confidential, why are you asking me to link to my social media accounts, including Facebook and LinkedIn in my profile?

During the initial stage, we ask for either your Resume, or LinkedIn profile to verify your profile.

When completing your profile, you also have an option to provide links to all your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, GitHub, Twitter and You Tube. These will not be revealed to anyone, unless you are interested in the opportunity.

We provide this option, as most employers will be checking out your social media profiles anyway (this is becoming increasingly standard within recruitment). It is also a great opportunity to show the ‘real you’ and showcase any skills. For example: If you are a graphic /UX designer, you can provide examples of your work via Instagram.

I have revealed my profile, but have not heard back from the employer?

This can happen from time to time. To improve the odds of being shortlisted, make sure that once you have registered with My Career Groove and identified your skills, that you complete your full profile, in particular adding your work history and achievements, education details, courses completed and professional memberships.

I’m not receiving any emails from My Career Groove?

From time to time, we will email you with updates, unless you have opted out of our marketing emails. Sometimes our emails will end up in your spam folder, or other email filter.

To avoid our emails going to spam:

  • Remove My Career Groove from your spam list
  • Add us as a contact

Alternatively, you might have changed your email address, which is why you are not hearing from us.

I’m no longer interested in getting matches, so how do I get rid of my account?

If you don’t want to hear about opportunities for a while, simply go to your profile dashboard and change the Toggle Bar to No. When you move this Toggle bar, you wont’ receive any matches.

If you decide you want to delete your account, simply contact us and we will archive your account. Remember, this is permanent and cannot be undone. So the easiest option is to simply tell us you don’t want to receive new job opportunities for now.

I’m experiencing technical problems with your Site

We are sorry to hear this. Contact us as soon as you can and if possible, take a snapshot of the problem, so we can help resolve it as quickly as possible for you.

I have a question that’s not listed here?

Drop us a line, we would love to hear back from you and answer any questions you have about our service.