Gender Decoder for Job Descriptions and Advertisements

To attract diverse candidates, ensure that the content and wording is neutral on job descriptions and advertisements.

In the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Lea Hodel, Magdalena Formanowicz and Sabine Sczesny, studied whether language used in job advertisements corresponded with linguistic, cultural and socio economic aspects and contributed to the transmission of gender inequality and stereotypes. The study demonstrated a strong correlation.

Other studies have demonstrated men and women respond differently to advertisements, depending on the language used. Women were less likely to apply if the job description wanted someone that was ambitious and driven.

Gender Coded Language in Job Advertisements and Job Descriptions















Now, you can spend ages learning about social dominance theory, intuitional-level contributors to gender inequality, the nature of subtle wording in job advertisements and the effect of gendered working on diversity perceptions.

OR, you can just get right to the result and understand that yes, language does impact how your job advertisements is going to be perceived and yes diversity improves your business, including increasing profitability and performance.

At the end of the day if you want to attract lots of talent, whether male or female, make sure your language is not biased.

A simple tool, (so you don’t have to do the research) is:

Gender Decoder for Job Ads  

Simply paste your job advertisement into the designated area and it will tell you straight away whether your advertisement is gender neutral or not.

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That stack of mediocre resumes that you got from your job advertisement doesn’t necessary reflect a dearth in available talent. It may just be the language you are using in your job advertisements. Ads have a better chance of drawing excellent candidates with a well-written job advertisement.

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